September 28, 2019

Landis Woods Art Show

It was my first time at Landis Woods and I am happy to say I hope to go back! The park is a great location for an art show.

July 27, 2019

Lititz Outdoor Art Show

This was my second show at the Lititz Spring  Park. It was a sunny day but a little warm. There were so many talented artists here!

November 16+17, 2018

Lititz Member's Show

This was the second Member's Show ever and definitely had a better attendance than the first show. I'm glad to see a good thing growing!

July 28, 2018

Lititz Outdoor Art Show

I had a great time at my first outdoor art show. It was a beautiful sunny day in the park. The turnout was great and made my day seem very worthwhile!

November 17+18, 2017

Lititz Member's Show

This was my first show. It was also the Lititz Art Association's first Member's Show. It was a good show for me to start with as it wasn't a large turnout. But thank-you to the people that did come! I hope more people will find out about this and come next year!

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